Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Olympic Boot Camp

The spirit of the Olympics took me on Monday and I set up my boot camp class with an Olympic theme. Some are a bit more of a stretch than others, but it definitely made the workout more interesting (even if it was just the packaging, and the exercises were the same).

I'll give you the workout, then I want to hear your ideas!

Station #1 - Basketball
Squat jumps (quads, gluts, calves) - squat down, pick up the imaginary ball, stand and jump shoot (2 minutes)

Station #2 - Breaststroke / Gymnastics
Lower back - using the gliders (my fave!!), lie on your stomach with gliders (or rags, or paper plates) under hands. With arms straight, pull shoulders up off ground, sliding scapulae down the back (arms make triangle with floor). This is start position - from here, glide out, circle out wide until hands are under shoulders, and push up (mimic breaststroke - my only change here would be with extension out front, lower chest down to ground, then back up. If not, it won't hit the lower back) (1 minute)
Pushups - like those jump down presses they do on floor exercise - (1 minute)

(note to self: when demonstrating gymnastics, try not to make a fool of myself by dropping down onto hands from kneeling. Chest will not thank me)

Cardio #1 - Boxing
- Alternate front punches, slip side to side (squat back as you step side)
- Shuffle side to side, shuffle with same side jab, shuffle jab with cross opposite hand (shuffle R w/ right jab, cross punch L) - (2 minutes)

Station #3 - Volleyball
Tricep extensions - overhand block - 1 minute
Bicep curls - underhand block - 1 minute

Station #4 - Fencing
Moving lunges - again with the gliders. This one is hard to explain. Bear with me. Both feet on the gliders, one foot in front (let's say the right foot). Shuffle forward and then lunge right leg with right hand out like striking, then shuffle back and lean a bit like you're avoiding a sword (hits abs). Much more fun with two people facing each other and going back and forth like they're actually fencing. I did my best to find a video link for this, unfortunately it's not available on YouTube. 1 minute each leg

(note: toes right smack in the center of the gliders/paper plates, or the toes end up coming off, sticking to the floor, and causing forward motion to trip forward. Not the best plan of action)

Cardio #2 - Boxing
- Right hand jab side x8, jab front (turn body facing side) x8
- Side x4, front x4
- Side x2, front x2
- Alternate side/front
- Option: side jab becomes back jab (from jab back face one side to jab front face other side).
- Do a bunch of reps. 1 minute each hand.

Station #5 - Tennis
Shoulders - attach elbow to side, external shoulder rotation (with elbow on ribs, rotate hand towards back with palm up, but don't twist through torso) - 1 minute each hand, or 2 minutes both hands.

Station #6 - Cycling
Abs/Obliques - bicycle abs (supine position, feet in air, bring one shoulder to opposite bent knee with other leg out straight), maintain slow tempo for more challenge (2 minutes)

Cardio #3 - Boxing
- Shuffle jab on 2:00 diagonal, uppercuts (as long as you want, either 4, 6, or 8), shuffle back, jumping jacks.
- Repeat other side.
- Advanced options: replace uppercuts with fast hooks, and replace jacks with kick up heels and high alternating arms (kick up heels=one foot low kick, switch to other side with a small jump, alternating arms=one hand high, with each foot switch, alternate hands) - 2 minutes

Repeat circuit. Choose favorite 2 cardio exercises to repeat. Instead of finishing with cardio, finish with cool down and stretch.

I'm thinking of doing this again tomorrow. Any ideas on different exercises I can do which mimic Olympic sports?


MizFit said...

Um in a word: NO!
I love this post (the workout? not so much :) looks challenging BUT Im gonna print and do it this sunday when I lift with my husband!) and youve nailed all of it.

except the platform synchronized diving :) but I've no ideas for that one----yet.


The Lethological Gourmet said...

Lmao! That'd be awesome if we could do that in class! Might result in a few chiropractor visits, though...

The great thing about boot camp is that people can add weights and go crazy intense, or they can modify or stay with light weights. Have I mentioned that I love boot camp? (most especially because I'm not actually lifting the weights (woohoo!), I'm walking around and helping people). Of course, that's the reason I started the 100 pushup program, which is thoroughly kicking my ass now...

Charlotte said...

I wish i could take one of your classes! It sounds really fun. I think your ideas are really good. If you need more gymnastics ideas, I can always tell you what we did for strength (handstand push-ups, oodles of V-ups and supermans till we saw spots).

Anonymous said...

I totally want my fitness trainer to use these techniques!