Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I'm starting to hate pushups

ok, not really. I like pushups, really I do. But not when I do 85 in under 10 minutes. Teaching, I'd always say something really perky like "woohoo! Now it's time for pushups!" *insert wacky cheerleader voice here* (I'm not usually a cheerleader type instructor (I hope), but pushups just seem to bring out that side of me). But then, with teaching, we'd do no more than 15-20, maybe 30. So it was easy to get pumped.

But 100 pushups is. not. easy.

I'm sure that that comes as a big surprise to you, right? You're probably asking how exactly I thought that the 100 pushup program would be easy. And I didn't, not really. But I didn't expect it would be quite this hard.

I'm in week three (of six) now. And man is the different between weeks two and three hard. Pushups are three days a week, and each day there are five sets with rest in between. So last week I was doing sets of 15/15/12/12/as many as possible at least 15. This week starts out with 25/17/17/15/amap 25. Wha-what?! This may not seem like a huge difference, but I assure you, 25 pushups is a lot, especially when you're doing 84 total in one sitting! And damn does it make my wrists hurt!

And seriously, the whole "as many as possible but at least 25" thing....are there people who are actually doing more than 25? Because I actually had to drop to my knees for the last 10 pushups, so there was noooo way I was doing more than 25.

Now, I do like the fact that I can then say "hey, I just did 85 pushups" because, well, damn that's impressive, isn't it? But I don't know if I can make it to the end. I don't feel the need to necessarily do 100 consecutive pushups, my whole goal was basically to make myself do some lifting, now that I'm teaching boot camp (and therefore teaching people on a circuit class rather than doing it myself). And I don't want to pump up the size of my shoulders at all. But I'm hoping I can at least finish week three. Let's see how it goes.

Here's what weeks 3 and 4 look like:

Week 3
Day 1: 25/17/17/15/as many as possible but at least 25 (aka AMAP) - 60sec rest
Day 2: 27/19/19/15/AMAP 25 - 90sec rest
Day 3: 30/22/22/20/AMAP 27 - 120sec rest

Week 4
Day 1: 27/20/20/17/AMAP 27 - 60 sec rest
Day 2: 27/21/21/18/AMAP 25 - 90 sec rest
Day 3: 30/22/22/20/AMAP 29 - 120 sec rest

Week 3 and Week 4 don't actually look all that different. If I can make it through week 3, then maybe I'll be able to continue to week 4. But then I have my progress test and if I want to stay in the same bracket, I'll have to do at least 40. Yikes!


Missicat said...

Good luck! That does sound tough - I have a hard time with pushups because of my wonky wrists, so I am impressed with your progress!

MizFit said...

beyond impressive (the 85)

beyond burnt (me. for now anyway. I know I shouldnt say it---but I am ;))


The Lethological Gourmet said...

Yeah, my wrists are having issues. My mother and grandmother both have carpal tunnel, so I always try to pay attention when my wrists are bothering me. I normally do the pushups on my fists, and while doing 15-20 this is fine, but with 85? Forget about it.

My muscles are feeling a bit burned out today, so it's good they have a built in rest day in between pushup days!

Charlotte said...

Okay, I am so glad you said this as I'm on the exact same page with you! SO tired of the push-ups. And my wrists hate me.