Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Foiling the Lunchroom Thief

So you haul your lunch to work, managing not to pop open the tupperware or smoosh the sandwich. And you're feeling great because you have (hopefully) food you want to eat that's also cheaper than eating out, and potentially healthier. Woohoo!

And then 12:00 hits, you wend your tummy-rumbling self over to the communal fridge and..... nothing. Your sandwich/salad/leftovers that you so lovingly packed up and carried is gone. Poof.

Enter some choice expletives.

So now you have to not only pay for and haul that lunch that you can't eat, you have to go out and spend more money and time to buy another lunch. Humph.

You have no idea who took your lunch, so there's no retribution to be had. But you don't want to admit defeat. And you don't have to!

There's now an anti-theft sandwich bag. There's "mold" on the plastic (or at least, the appearance of it), so that lunchroom thief will avoid it like the plague it seems to be. And you can enjoy your sandwich in peace.

Next step, tupperware with mold! Since I hardly ever have sandwiches at work (and if I do, I assemble them there), the sandwich bags aren't going to help me much (and thankfully, my co-workers are of the other-peoples'-food-respecting kind). But a "moldy" tupperware container? Hell, yeah!

Have any of you fought with the lunchroom thief before? What solutions did you come up with?


Romny said...

I wouldn't exactly call this thievery, but once I had my lunch cooking in the microwave and someone took it out mid cooking so that they could cook their lunch! I walked in right as they were in the middle of the deed.

The Lethological Gourmet said...

Yeah, that's not cool. If someone abandons they're lunch in the microwave, and it's not cooking, then by all means take it out. But if the timer's mid-count?

Judy said...

THe only people who I can say ever stole my food were my old roommates, and I don't think mold would have deterred them. Seriously.

It's brilliant, but might gross me out enough I wouldn't eat my own sandwich!

WeightingGame said...

ok, first, you can't just steal a coworker's sandwich. It's sick and wrong. Totally wrong. I can't imagine reaching in a communal fridge and just TAKING someone's lunch. I might nibble a grape or two, but that's it. :-)

Love the moldy bag - too funny.

The Lethological Gourmet said...

Judy, that's funny! I lived with someone who got mad at me for throwing away lumpy milk...because it can be used in sauces!!! Blech!

weighting, you'd be surprised how many do, though. Romny says that in her office's kitchen, nothing is safe. I would never steal someone else's food (god knows what's in it!), but there are some pretty lazy people out there who don't want to cook, and don't want to go out and spend the money to get lunch at midday.

Barbara Gavin said...

I once had someone steal a roast beef sandwich on a seeded roll out of the fridge at work. I was so bummed! I had made a special mayonaise/horseradish sauce and the meat was lovely and lean and rare.

Spent the entire afternoon looking for folks with poppy seeds between their teeth.

The Lethological Gourmet said...

LMAO! That's awesome, Barbara. Was it at the current work? I've never had anyone take any of my lunches from the fridge, but the mail room guys did mention that someone had taken lunches out of the other kitchen down the hall.